Did you know that all medicines, from glutathione, antibiotics to pills, have their side effects? Yes, you read it right. Glutathione’s side effect is making your skin whiter. Pills do have side effects on our body just like the sleeping pills. It awakens your sleeping hormones and makes you sleep faster. Collagen makes your skin looks young and firm. Those are the good side effects of medicinal drugs on humans.

When we say good then comes bad. We can experience bad and painful side effects of the medicines we take in our bodies. Taking pills could lead to breast cancer. Also taking too antibiotics could make you overdose. So what’s point here? Bottom line is you need to check the side effects of the medicines before taking them in.…

A Simple and Meaningful Lifestyle

Life is full of meaning when family and loved ones are involved in this kind of life. Interpretation of meaningless of life also depends on the peoples’ religious belief and upbringing. Many people claim to be enjoying life and often admit even in their death bed that they have lived a happy life.

Meaning of Life

Even though, it is a valuable life to live, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. People sometimes feel abandoned and affected by the world, but it does not mean that it is the end of the life’s existence. The meaning of life needs to be understood in order to feel fulfilled by the world. People are born and thrown into this world that offers no explanation of its existence and meaning. The world is unreasonable, however, it links humans together.…